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Hi I'm Flo,

I love being a woman and I use whatever is possible to feel good about myself and makeup helps me to feel more confident. I know it sounds trivial and futile but if it helps, then why not?

I started making videos on youtube for  Asian Monolids / single lids girls mostly after I moved to the USA. 

Throughout my teenage years, I looked for beauty tips for asians in magazines and I never found anything. It is almost impossible to find something about monolids. So I decided after all these years to launch myself and share my experience to help people like me and also to improve myself :)

I'm just an everyday woman, who likes everything related in cosmetics, fashion, design!  


Check out my Youtube channel, you will find lots of tutorials:

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Product Reviews & More

PR inquiries are welcome and I accept products for consideration. However, please know that I reserve the right not to post a review.  Please contact me for any inquiries  
If a product was sent to me, I clearly indicate this in a disclaimer at the end of a post.  
I don't guaranteed positive reviews, and my posts reflect my genuine thoughts about a product or service.  
I never recommend a product or service that I don’t like, integrity is essential for me.


I participate in affiliate programs in which I receive a commission whenever you purchase through an affiliate program on the side bar of this blog.

Photos and Content

All photos and content are copyrighted by Futilities And More.  Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting or duplicating of any of the material is prohibited. To obtain permission to copy portions of the blog, please email me.

All content included photos and videos are made by myself, I never use other's content. I clearly indicate if I use someone else's content., Inc.
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