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TOO FACED GINGERBREAD SPICE PALETTE DUPE/ COMPARISON WITH @maccosmetics @colourpopcosmetics @colouredraine . This is officially my most loved series of all time! Thank you for your continuous support. I’m coming with lots of new ones for next year and one of two before the end of the year. And as always, let me know the palette you want me to dupe in the comments. . If you love those series and want to support me, learn more about my DUPE PROJECT (link in BIO) or here: You can also go check out my Highlight story for more. . For those who want different options or are interested in a few shades, this is my new series! As always, the eyeshadows that I compared are the closest shades that I can find in the MAC,COLOURPOP and COLOURED RAINE entire eyeshadow collections. I hope you’ll enjoy this one and me know what you would like to see next! MORE PICTURES, SIDE BY SIDE SWATCHES AND CLOSE UPS NEXT! . 1 Mac eyeshadow: $7 1 Colourpop eyeshadow: $5 1 Coloured Raine eyeshadow: $6.99 . DUPE LIST Brûlé (Mac) Just In Time (Colourpop) Poodle (Colourpop) Top Notch (Colourpop) Two Birds (Colourpop) Date Night (Coloured Raine) . Clutch Pearls (Coloured Raine) Secrets (Colourpop) Red Brick (Mac) Side Tracked (Colourpop) Antiqued (Mac) Golden Olive (Coloured Raine) . Lucky You (Colourpop) Two Much (Colourpop) Easy Go (Colourpop) Cloud Nine (Coloured Raine) Saddle (Mac) Twinks (Mac) . FOR MORE DUPES, SEARCH: #FutilitiesMoreDUPES #FutilitiesMorePALETTES #FutilitiesmoreCOLOURPOP #FutilitiesMoreSWATCHES #FutilitiesMoreMAC #FutilitiesmoreCOLOUREDRAINE . . . #futilitiesmore #futilitiesandmore #colourpop #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopme #colourpopeyeshadows #eyeshadowdupes #makeupdupes #dupes #eyeshadowpalettedupes #maccosmetics #maceyeshadows #colouredraine #macdupes #toofaced #toofacedgingerbread #toofaceddupes #gingerbreadpalette #gingerbreadspicepalette #toofacedgingerbreadspice

Friday, May 3, 2019, Inc.
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