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Some of my favorite empty eyeshadow palettes

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here are some of my favorite empty makeup palettes that I own and my heart goes to MAC PRO LARGE DUO PALETTE!

- doubled sided
- can fit 48 eyeshadows
- can fit 16 blushes
- we can add some inserts for eyeshadows (15 eyeshadows) , blushes (12 blushes) and lipsticks (12 or 24).
- small
- clean design, plastic case.
- very affordable, only $10

- the case is magnetize but the hold is very weak, I had to add a magnetic sheet. Without it, you're sure to break your products.

- Several sizes to choose: 
small (square) 9 eyeshadows:
medium (15 eyeshadows):
large (28 eyeshadows):

- Strong magnetized base.

- Expensive from $14 to $45.
- Cardboard packaging feels cheap but the new glossy finish is better!

- Cheap
- 2 sizes: 
large:28 eyeshadows:
small: 12 eyeshadows:
- Clear lid, so that you can see the products in it.
- Clean look
- Strong magnetized base.
- You can easily remove the insert so you can customize the palette more.

- Feels a bit cheap and fragile, I broke the large lid already.

I'll make a separate review in details soon!

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