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Skin79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream – Review and test

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream
What it does:
Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream is a new BB cream, it is upgraded with:
- UVA and UVB protection SPF50 sunscreen.
- Vital-V complex: Vitamin A, C, E,F  to maintain your skin healthy, firm and souple.
- Arbutin for whitening your skin.
-  Adenosin to help diminishing your wrinkles.
-Chamomile  to soothing and moisturized.
- Osmopur-N, sunflower, rosemary, to protect skin from various harmful environments to make a moisturized skin.
- Made with plants that keep the skin moisturized and control the sebum.
- It has a matte finish, and it is light weight.
-It is made for oily skin with lot of sebum, skin with brown spots or blemishes, with large pores, with no elasticity, dry areas with wrinkles.

I bought my BB cream at and it came with a little sample of the hot pink best selling Skin79 that I wanted to try for ever!

As my previous purchase of Skin79 products (L'Oriental Gold), I love the packaging, this flashy color is fresh and cute and the bottle itself is sleek and chic.

Quite disappointed because it came with a small ink malfunction, but that's ok. because the product inside is in perfect condition.

The consistency is pretty thick, and the shade is lighter than my skin, why so light?!

The small drop does a lot because the product is smooth and easy to blend.

It has a grey undertone and the shade is made for very light skin. I find my skin very light even after few hours, it doesn't oxidate very nicely, so what I like to do, is to put a matte bronzer to avoid the zombie look. But I like the satin finish (not really matte I think) and it really makes my skin flawless and the fresh scent is pleasant, floral and sweet, quite similar to the Oriental Gold BB cream.
Contrary to the description on the website, this BB cream is not so lightweight. It it lighter than Lioele Triple The Solution (click to read the full entry), but for me, still heavier than a regular foundation. But the texture is easy to work especially when you use a round top kabuki foundation brush because with your fingers, it takes forever, so the texture is creamy. I will make a video of the application to show you how I apply the product, so that it will be easier to understand.

You can definitely feel it but the finish is beautiful and the moisturization really nice.

I applied two layers of Super plus Triple Functions and I also add a setting powder on top because I find the BB cream a little bit sticky.
(No retouching at all)

Here are some tests. As you can see, the coverage is pretty good, I would say that is medium to full and on those pictures.

This is also a good concealer, especially on my dark freckles but I don't recommend to use it   around the nose area because it creases a lot! The first time I used it, I ended up with two horrible light beige creases.

To finish, I think the oil control is medium. I don't think this is the best product for that, but it is ok.

It makes my skin lighter and the finish is flawless. Not sure I like to be this light but that's ok with some bronzer and rosy tint.
(No retouching at all)
Overall and Verdict: ❤❤❤❤/5
- Moisturize the skin very well
- SPF 50
- Fresh scent
- Medium to full coverage
- Made for oily skin, oil control
- Reduce the size of the pores
 - Sticky feeling
- Very light

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