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Sigma Make Me Blush Travel Kit - Review

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi Guys,

Today's featured product is my lovely Sigma Make Me Blush Travel Kit. A cute hot pink (very girly)  set with the perfect combo especially for beginners and for travelers!

This set comes with seven travel-size brushes and it goes from foundation (3 brushes)  to eye brushes (4 brushes).

The combination is for me, the perfect one. It is simple and goes right in the subject. I generally only buy single products because I don't find their kit very practical but this one has everything I like. It treats everything and what is the most interesting is the selection of eye brushes. 

We have: 

1 big powder brush - F30
1 contour brush - F40
1 foundation brush - F60
1 tapered blending brush - E40
1 shading brush - E55
1 pencil brush - E30
1 angle brush - E65

How cute this is! I keep all my eye brushes together and the rest on the second holder. 

I love this container that turns into two brush holders to keep everything organized.

I appreciate the details, it feels clean and rich.

All the brushes comes from their best selling products. My favorite ones are the angle large contour brush, the the eye shading, the pencil and the small angle brush. 

Large Powder - F30

A very dense natural bristles brush with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. 

Large angled contour - F40

The angle shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. It has natural bristles. I love how the powder blends with it. This brush is also very soft and the shape help to control the application. I recommend that for beginners.

Foundation - F60

This brush can be use to apply liquid or cream foundation. It has synthetic bristles. This is a traditional foundation brush and I like it but nothing can replace my Round Top Kabuki  brush :)

Tapered blending - E40

Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. It has natural bristles.

Eye shading - E55

Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. It has natural bristles.
This brush is perfect to apply colors on all over the lid, it is so much faster to use this brush that a regular blending brush or to apply highlighter on your brow bone. If you want more intense effect, this brush is made for you.

Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, upper and lower lash line, with natural bristles. One of my favorite one.

I just wanted to show you the regular pencil brush. As you can see the sizes are different but it doesn't bother me. I find it rather practical in fact.

Essential for the application of gel or cream eye liner on the upper and lower lash line. With synthetic bristles.

Just to compare the regular size brush and the travel kit one.

This is probably the most generous gift that a cosmetic company does. A small size blending brush, one of my favorite brush of their collection. You can have it if you purchase for $30 of more. Clic on my banner or on my links and enjoy! You can also have 10% off with the coupon code: 0112XJML

 ♡Overall & Verdict: 



+ Cute hot pink container
+ Very convenient holders
+ Perfect kit for beginners and travelers
+ Perfect combination of brushes
+ $59.00


- Nothing to declare!

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