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My Current Skincare Routine for Acne Prone And Combination Skin

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hi Guys,

This is my current skincare routine and I hope this will help some of you to find the right products for your skintype.
I have an extreme combination skin, that means that I have an oily T zone and extremely dry cheeks. I also have some pimples especially one week before my periods, rednesses around the nose, large pores, freckles, yes all that in one person!!

I am still "fighting" to find the right products for me but it is not so simple. My main concern, like many other women, is acne. I always always have, even at 32 some pimples around my mouth area, on the chin. I absolutely hate that!! I used many many products and the only one which is really efficient is Proactive (I am not affiliated at all, I just love it). I don't have anymore soap and lotion because I already used everything but as I only really few amount of the treatment itself, I still have a good amount of product. This is so much much better than the Clinique acne solution and it hasn't this smoky and horrible scent which stays on you skin.

If you have acne, I really recommend that because it works!

My other issues are my oily T zone and my dry cheeks but it is quite easy to control for me. My skincare routine helps me to regulate that and my makeup routine sets everything. I will make a video only on my foundation/concealer routine if you want. I have some good tips and I think that everyone should know how to correct your imperfection with some few tricks.

One last thing about the products I use. I almost only use gentle, no paraben, natural products because I think that some chemicals are too harsh for your skin and your health.
I don't use any anti-aging products yet because I don't need it (I am still young) and I've been massaging and moisturizing my face forever. I started at 12 and I really thing this was very helpful. The other thing is about whitening products. I thing these products are not the bests for your health, but this is only my thoughts.

I only use BB creams for that but not everyday. I can say that there is any improvement about my freckles and scars. The only thing which works pretty weel is to protect four skin against the sun and use creams with SPF.

To finish, you don't have to purchase the most expensive products to see a result. When I see people promoting products that cost more than $100, it really makes me feel bad, especially for the Clarisonic cleansing tools. Seriously, who can afford this? Certainly not a regular teenager. I think this is stupid, again, it is only my opinion, to spend this much while you can purchase cheaper and good products for less and save your money to buy make-up or cloth.

I really hope this video will be helpful and as usual, if you have some recommendations for products, let me know!

List of the products mentioned:

Bioderma Crealine and Bioderma Sebium

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