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Massive Mac Haul: Eyeshadows, foundation, lipstick, etc...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hi guys,

Few days ago I get this massive haul from Mac. It is also a part of my Christmas presents, so yeah this is HUGE!!

I purchase a little bit of everything and I was particularly very exited about the eyeshadows because I heard so many good things about them. I was always swatching them at Mac stores but I never purchased anything until now because of the price, so Christmas was the right occasion to get some of those!

I also get a pretty lipstick, something cute, a medium pink/brown shade, Creme in your coffee, a foundation from their new line which is supposed to match your skin tone, I also get a red lipliner, because I always wear red lipstick. I wanted to change a little bit and I bought an eyeliner, this is waterproof of course because I hate eyeliner that smudge. I had a sculpting powder to contour my face and a shaping powder to emphasize the volumes. To finish, I put my hand on a Mineralize skinfinish natural powder to set my foundation and to give me a matte finish.

The video below will show you everything in details!

This is a medium pink/brown lipstick. I like it because it is not to far from my natural dark lips. I love the shade, it gives to my lips some definition, this is completely natural and such a pretty fall shade, perfect for everyday life.

As you can notice, I have a chubby and round face, that's why I purchased these two sculpting and shaping powder. Moreover, my asian features are very prominent, my face is very flat. This kit will help me to give some dimension to my bone structure.

I had to return the shading powder because it came broken... I will put some pictures as soon as possible.
But overall, I like the texture. The powder is very fine, easy to blend and buildable, which is great because I am not a big fan of harsh lines around the nose area!

I wanted to change a little bit because I am currently using a loose powder which is quite tricky to use and quite dirty because the powder goes everywhere.
I like that it gives me a nice matte finish and set and fix my foundation. It have a medium coverage, so I can also use it to cover some of my freckles!

This foundation is supposed to adapt your skin tone "using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalized finish". It has a demi matte finish and this has a medium coverage.  
I can't say that this the best foundation ever because I have been trying this for only 2 days but I can already say that I like the matte finish, my skin doesn't shine even after few hours and it doesn't crease around the nose area. I still need some touch-up throughout the day but it has a good oil control which is great for my oily T zone and doesn't dry my cheeks.

I used it this morning and I like the matte finish. I choose the shade #2, I am NC 20/25 and it match perfectly my skintone.

Matchmaster 2 swatch

I get a Pro Palette quad that you can customize so that you can pick up the perfect combination!

This is a soft beige with shimmer with a satin finish. This is the perfect shade to highlight your brow bone and to open up your look just applied in the inner corner.

This is probably one of my most favorite eyeshadow. This has a matte finish and this is a soft muted plum/brown color. 
I love to use it to give some depth and definition to my flat monolid. It can be used on its own and for those who have a crease, this is the perfect crease color.

No need to say more about this color. If you already know me a little bit, you know that I am a big fan of this type of color.
This is a taupe with silver shimmers.

This is a minimal pink with shimmer and it has a frost finish. This is a beautiful all over the lid color.
Quite close to "Sin" from Urban Decay.

This selection is warmer than the other one.

This is a golden beige with icy shimmer, this has a satin finish. It is darker than Shroom but it also goes on my browbone or in the inner corner of the eye as an highlighter.

 This has a matte finish, this is a soft muted beige taupe. It is as Quarry a pretty shade for the crease of for us monolid girls, a nice color to sculpt and give to our eyes a 3D effect.

It is a gold/plum with bronze pearl and this has a velvet finish. This color is gorgeous and subtile.

All that glitter
It is a beige with gold pearls, this has a veluxe pearl finish. This is a pretty color for all over the lid. I love the name and again the color is subtile and chic.

Overall, I love the large range of colors that Mac has for their eyeshadows but I was quite surprise to notice that the pigmentation is not so intense as I thought.
It is strange because when I swatched them in store, it was really good but with my brushes I would say that the pigmentation is medium/low and for some of them, especially the lightest colors, it doesn't show up at the first time. I had to take 3 or 4 time for these swatches...I think it is probably because the pans are brand new and I still need to work a little bit more on them. I will see. Have you already experience that?

I like it because it glides without any effort, it's a pure black, it doesn't crease nor smudge, the only negative point, the cost! $14...really expensive but it is so much more better than some of my high-end brands that I have, especially my Smashbox pencil that cost $20 and which is bad!

Lip pencil: Redd

I haven't tried it it but I am pretty sure that I will like it. I already have a Mac lip pencil and I LOVE it!
This will be perfect for me because I have uneven lips and I often wear red lips. It is so feminin and glamour!

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