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Julep Maven Review - A Nail Polish Subscription

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hi guys,

I discovered another monthly subscription concept this month and this one is dedicated to your nails, but it is also about manicure and pedicure in general.

Julep Maven works like Birchbox or Jewelmint. For $19.99, you will receive each month for over $40 worth of products from a selection of nail polishes, nail treatments or hand creams and many other combination. 

Which is great with the concept is that you can choose among the selection they did for you thanks to the mini quiz you did online. If you don't like the selection, you can request another shelf pull and I you still don't find your match you can easily skip the month or also redirect the box to a friend. You have to skip of select or refer a friend only between the 20th and the 25th of the month.

Of course you will receive before anyone else the new colors and treatments released and you will have have 20% off on all purchases. This is great because one nail polish cost $14. For me it is too much!!

Last info but probably one the most important, I got my first box for $5, this is a special offer for new members. You will get your first intro box with a $60 value.

Check out the video on my channel for more infos and clic on the link in the info box. Use the coupon code NEW5 and you will get it for $5. I think this is great to try that concept at least once and if you don't like it, just cancel the subscription of skip the month until you can afford it or until you find the best match.

And of course check out their website!

My december box is the Classic with a twist.
This is classic because the shades are not crazy, Red and Greige/Taupe but these shades have a twist because the red color has some beautiful fine shimmers and the taupe one is not a color that you see all the time. It has a subtile tint of purple which I love.

The box comes with a full size hand scrub (3oz), this will help me to have soft hands during winter. I  always have dry skin and also dead skin (gross), so this will be nice to help me to control that problem.

2 complimentary samples.
A hand cream with SPF30 and an Age Defying Hand Brightener.

The two nail polishes come in a cute package!

These are my picks and if you read my blog, you know that I love this type of shades!

Whiney & Nicole

In real life the shade is a bit darker. This is a Mushroom greige/taupe color. I generally love this kind of shade especially for makeup. This color is elegant, neutral and I believe that this is the easiest color to wear.
The coverage is impressing. I only had to apply one coat to have a nice result.

 The second shade is my favorite. This is a brick/red shimmery color and this is absolutely gorgeous for winter. Why winter? Because with this season, I prefer to wear deeper and darker shades and shimmers  reminds me that Christmas is approaching very soon!
The coverage of this one is stunning. One coat is largely enough, this is a good point because my bottle will last forever!

♡Overall & Verdict: 



+ Lots of choice
+ Love the selection they made
+ Quality, pigmentation, full coverage
+ Packaging and presentation


- The cost of one nail polish is too expensive, $14.
- Schedule to respect to skip or refer a friend.

1 commentaires :

Julep said...

Love the review,  Nicole is one of my favs for the holidays. 

Julep Maven Team 

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