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Birchbox December 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This month's Birchbox was a new let down. I feel like I receive month by month the same kind of products. 

Again, I had a perfume sample that I hate, a hair care product which is almost exactly the same as one I had few month ago. I had a super cute hot pink Jouer lipgloss but this is so tiny that I will be able to use it 3 times so it is small. I am quite ok with the Benefit primer/pore corrector. I also had two complimentary samples but I really think it was useless, double-sided tape...and vitamin C. To finish, there is a coupon code to have $20 off on $75 purchase or more which is great but you have to spend a lot to enjoy it and I don't think that everyone can afford it.

The leaflet is cute and the hot pink usual packaging had some snowflakes on it because Christmas is everywhere!

This Benefit Pore fessional is surprising because I never ever had a product from a well known brand... I can't wait to try this out because I have pore around the nose area. I hope this will work.

I hate this perfume. I am not a fruity/food kind of person. I don't like smell like a fruit and this fragrance really smells is a no no for me!

I love this Jouer Lipgloss. This is a special edition and the color is the  Birchbox pink which is pretty fun. As usual I love it, it moisturize your lips, the color is gorgeous and pigmented but seriously the size of this sample is to small! It is only 2ml and it is impossible to reach the bottom and you can use it only 3 times max so it is small! 

The pigmentation is pretty good and this color, I love it. I used my last redeem points to purchase the full size yesterday.

  I wanted to show you the tiny size of Jouer lipgloss sample compared to Laura Mercier one...

Orofluido oil is an haircare product. I don't mind having haircare product but I always receive that type of thing. Seriously Birchbox!  I already had an oil treatment and I bought a full size Amika oil treatment few month ago so stop to send me that!

Their two complimentary sample were useless for me. I don't wear party dress which can show my breast and I already have double-side tapes in my tool box...but I understand why they put this in this month's box. This is for new years eve, so why not.

The last product is vitamin C. Why not but completely useless for me.

This month's box was my last one because I rarely think the box's content worth my $10, I always receive the same kind of products. I almost never have makeup product and when it happens, their size is ridiculous. 

The only good point with Birchbox is that I discovered a really high quality new brand. Jouer Cosmetics is one of my favorite brand now. All the things I purchased from them are amazing and I am so glad I found them.

Now that I cancelled my account, I am free to subscribe to Myglam, this is exactly the same concept but I think they give you more make-up samples and even full size products. I have mixed feeling about Myglam because they literally copied Birchbox, which is so lame and absolutely not creative, but it still seems to be more attractive. I want to wait a little bit more before starting a new relationship with them, so wait and see!

I am so disappointed because this concept is such a good one. They were the first to launch that and now everyone is copying them...

♡Overall & Verdict: 



+ Pretty Jouer lipgloss
+ First time I received a sample from a famous brand, Benefit


- Doesn't worth $10
- Eternal perfume sample
- Eternal hair care product
- Same kind of selection month by month.
- Useless sample
- Tiny makeup sample

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2 commentaires :

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xt koh said...

What a bummer. I'd prefer to buy something with the $10 I know I'd like.

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