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Sigma Brushes Haul: Kabuki,Precision and Pencil Brushes

Friday, November 4, 2011

This is my second Sigma brushes haul and I am in love again!

I picked up three brushes this time, two synthetic ones: the flat top kabuki brush F80 and the new precision round brush P82 and one pencil brush E30. The last one that you can see is not something that I ordered, this is the free gift, the one that you have when you order for $30 purchase. What an amazing nice surprise!

I was so socked when I saw this blending brush. This is one of my favorite brush from their collection and I had it for free. Isn't it great? I thought I will just have the same eyeshadow sample that I had with my previous purchase and not at all. This is the exact same blending brush that I already own but with a smaller handle. 

The pencil E30 was the brush I wanted to purchase at first because I didn't have this kind of brush in my collection. This is very handy because you can use it for your smoky looks. It is perfect to blend out and smudge the harsh edges, and it is precise enough to reach small areas like the inner corner of your eyes.  I like it a lot!


Sigma launched a new SIGMAX collection in october, the synthetic precision kit, the small versions of their kabuki brushes that I already experienced. I love the both, the kabuki and the precision kabuki brushes.


The rounded P82 brush was designed to mimic your fingertips, making this brush ideal to apply eye shadow primers.  It can also be used for the precise application of highlight shades on the bridge of the nose, cheek bones and cupid’s bow...

This brush is the brush that I have always wanted in my dreams. Seriously this precision round top kabuki brush is the perfect brush to apply your cream shadows. You will never use your fingers again and put bacterias in your Mac paintpots. I love it so much that I use it also to  conceal my eyes and to hide my pimples. This is so dense that the product stick on it and glides like a dream on your skin. 

The flat top synthetic kabuki F80 is made for the application of your face primers and foundation. This is a buffer brush which is also nice to apply powder foundation and because of the dense and soft bristles this brush gives you a flawless finish. 

I have the round top synthetic kabuki brush F82 and I can see a  difference between the two of them.
The flat top kabuki is better for face primers because, as a buffer and because you use it with circular motions, primer penetrates better in your pores.
I prefer to use the round top kabuki brush for foundation since you use it with little touches and it reaches small areas around your nose more easily.





+ Quality!!!
Precision Round - P82 which mimic your fingers! My new love :)
+ Half the price of Mac brushes
+ New plastic handles, better to clean.
+ Awesome free gift!
+ Fast delivery, 3 days


- Nothing to declare with my second purchase.

As usual, you will have a free gift with $30 purchase thanks to my banner!

4 commentaires :

Joyce said...

What do you think about the new glossy/shiny handle from Sigma? I'm a picky person, so I prefer matte black handles because they look classy and more professional. Plus, I'm OCD and like my brushes to be uniform and have the same black matte handle. hahah...

Ate Nadj Mohd said...

This is an amazing and useful post! I've been eyeing these new brushes and I think the handles are pretty good. The flat top kabuki brush is what I adore <3 Following you now and oh please do drop by in my blog:

futilitiesandmore said...

Hi Joyce, I like the new glossy finish and the holographic logo and text. I think I prefer the new look because it is a bit more modern. I am not sure if it is plastic or wood...but you are right, if you don't like digit prints, they are not the best for you!

futilitiesandmore said...

Thanks for stopping by!

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