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Sally Hansen Salon Effect, Lace Nails Tutorial and Review

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hi Guys,

This is a product I've never used before because I was quite skeptical about the strips concept. How it works? Does it really last 10 days? And what about the cost? Is it easy to apply? 
I had so many questions and now everything is resolved...

These strips are quite expensive, sometimes $9 at or Ulta for a one shot polish, this is a quite bad point but I found a solution to use it twice. If you want to know how, you can watch the video where I apply the strips.

In this little box you can find all these items: 1 file, a wooden stick, 2 sets of strips and instructions.

This is pretty easy to apply. You just have to make sure to place the stickers in the middle of the nails, press strongly to create a strong bond between the nail and the sticker and adjust it really carefully along the cuticule line. Everything is well explain, so don't be worry! And you can remove the strips with a regular nail polish remover.

I only used one set to make my ten fingers. As each strip is very long, you can use the other side to make another nail. Just make sure not to touch the "sticky" with your finger. Stick it on the backing paper. Again, watch the video, it is easier to understand :S 

To finish off the nails, I applied an acrylic top coat because I like the glossy finish and it protects your strips from chipping and it will last longer.

It is supposed to last 10 days...I am today on my 5th day and it is still strongly attached. I will tell you if it last as long.

The application of my first try is not perfect but well...I'll be better next time with my second set!

The verdict is simple, I like this concept and even if these strips have some patterns, I don't think it is too girly. It is still wearable and elegant.

Ok it is still quite expensive but it can be a good alternative to pop up your look and it is a pretty accessory for some special occasions because you can find tens of different patterns. Some have flowers, some have glitters and even plain colors.
I also think it is nice just to try out something new...Ah, I am such a weak girl!

What do you think? Have you already tried this product? What is your favorite one? 



+ Lots of choice
+ This pattern is wearable and elegant ( to my mind :))
+ Easy to apply
+ Spice up your look
+ Nice for special occasions


- Expensive for one single use or two
- Strange white line on the pattern

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