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Human Hair Clip Extensions In Light Brown

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi everyone! 

Few month ago, I had a "terrible" experience with my hair. My stylist just sabotaged my haircut. I always had a bad relationship with hairdressers and this one was the worst stylist I've ever met in my life! She had to redo the haircut four times and even at the end, it was irretrievable. 
What I asked was very simple, I wanted to trim and layer a little bit and cut my slip ends...I also asked to cut 1 inch max because I wanted to let my hair grow...the result was awful. Visible horizontal cuts, one side way shorter than the other, some long locks under shorter ones and more than 5 inches of hair cut.
The damage was done, I tried to fix this mess a bit but it was too much to do something correct...that's why I always attach my hair in my last videos...and that's why I decided to purchase Human Hair Extensions Clips!

20" 100g Clip In Human Hair Extensions Light Brown #8

1x 8" (20cm) Weft- 4 clips attached
2x 6" (15cm) Weft- 3 clips attached
2x 4" (10cm) Weft- 2 clips attached
1x 3" (7,5cm) Weft- 2 clips attached
2x 1" (5cm) Weft- 1 clips attached

Hair material: 100% Remy Human Hair
Hair style: Straight
Hair Model: Full head
Hair length: 20" or 50 cm
No of Wefts: 8pcs
No of clips: 18pcs
Set weight: 100g

As you can see, hair looks silk, soft and straight but not very thick, that's why I had to order 2 sets.

I bought two sets of these on Ebay. This is real long humain hair to make up full head. The hair are silky and the color is really pretty. It also says that 100g is the best choice for a good volume.
I never tried this type of clip extension but I already experienced real human hair extensions two years ago for my wedding (again after an hair massacre). These process was completely different, single tiny strands are placed on your natural hair at 1,5 cm from the scalp and it is applied one by one (I had 150) with a ultrasonic machine. You can wear your extensions for 6 month and it is very very expensive but so pretty :)

The color I chose is light brown and it was almost the perfect match with my home made hair dye. Only my ends where visible.

As you can see, the result is quite impressive. On the right, my extensions are still straight. 

On the left, my ends don't match perfectly, but here is the trick, put all your hair on one side and nobody can see a difference or curl it!

Which is neat with human hair, is that you can curl your hair as you do with your natural hair. wash and condition and style as you wish.




+ Quality, silk and soft
+ Large range of colors
+ $30 a set


- A bit thin
- Need to buy 2 sets even if it is written "full head"

4 commentaires :

claire shawn said...

 Clip in extensions are an  incredible way to look fabulous in the shortest amount of time. In just a few minutes you  can clip in extensions and add totally new dimensions of glamour to your appearance. Human  hair clip in extensions can be used for a longer time and look shinny if you care  properly. Our cheap clip in extensions is made of good quality human hair and has a  natural look. 

james william said...

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Vivian L. said...

Neat!!! Love the extensions on you. And what's the color of your hair? I like the shade. 

futilitiesandmore said...

I am light brown but when it fades aways, it becomes mode a medium blond., Inc.
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