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All We Want For Christmas - Gift Ideas For Her - Top Of The Range

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This palette has such a huge hype in the youtube community but it is true that their blushes are amazing! Available at Sephora on store and online.

This is the perfect set for work and for those who travel, this palette has very elegant and classic colors and has three brushes. I am in love! Available at Sephora on store and online.

Laura Mercier The Book of Nudes ($60).  
This palette is luxurious and always well-coordinated for elegant women. This is a beautiful everyday palette. Available at Sephora on store and online.

Again, Laura Mercier did a great job with their new palette because all the colors are wearable and well-coordinated...Santa Claus will have to work hard with me... Available at Sephora on store and online.

This gift is the most expensive of my makeup list but I this cleansing tool looks so great. I already have this type of product but this one is electric and handier because you don't have to buy batteries every month like minde. Available at Sephora on store and online.

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1 commentaires :

Daphnee Kwong Waye said...

Nice! These are perfect gifts for Xmas :D, Inc.
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