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All We Want For Christmas - Gift Ideas For Her - Middle Range

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is a huge set of nail polishes. This is the perfect occasion to have all the colors you want to wear during a whole year in once. (This one is for me...) Available at Sephora on store and online.

Again, this is a complete set for those who want to begin, this set has a large range of colors and these are gorgeous. Available at Sephora on store and online.

Nars is well known for its quality and the pigmentation of their product...that's why this combination set will be mine too...Available at Sephora on store and online.

I am a huge fan of Bare Minerals mineral foundation but I have never tried out their eyeshadow because I am quite afraid about fall outs but these new eyeshadow looks great and all colors of this palette match my tastes. Will probably buy that one day :) Available at Sephora on store and online.

I like Lancome products, so no need to say more about that. Available at Sephora on store and online.

This is so cute right but pretty expensive. Available at Sephora on store and online.

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