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All We Want For Christmas! Gift Ideas For Her - Low Budget

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Now that Thanksgiving is gone, Christmas is already everywhere. I already saw Santa Claus at the mall two weeks ago...surprising knowing that where I live, the temperatures are still quite high, 75 degres somedays, which is pretty nice because I hate cold temperatures and winter in general, apart for Christmas which is my favorite event of the year. 

Christmas is such a great thing in my family. I cherish this moment because this is also a special day, the one where you can share a delicious meal with everyone you love and this is also a good occasion to share and show your love with a small gift for low budgets or some fancier for those who can afford it.

This first post is dedicated to make-up and for women from teenage girls to mature women. Some of these treats  will probably be on my Christmas wish list too...I hope my husband will take a look on my blog!

I will make other Christmas gifts ideas list for people who don't have too much inspiration. Next one will be a middle range list, after that, we will have a top of the range list then some more related with fashion and accessories and the last one will talk about men's gifts.

I am in love this these colors. As you already know I love everything purple and this set is the perfect combination because it goes for every style. We have soft colors, intense deep purple and even some glitters for party time! Available at Sephora on store and online.

This mascara has a cute wand and these glitters are so pretty. I thing this is a good buy especially for new year's eve. Available at Sephora on store and online.

This color stick is the alternative to Nars orgasm and it contains argan oil, which is very moisturising, good thing for winter season to protect your skin from the cold and this is a fresh color for the rest of the year which is very natural. This is a beautiful pink color and it it way cheaper! Available at Sephora on store and online.

I already bought this tiny set, it is the size of a credit card. I think it is perfect for traveling and it contains all the colors you need, purple, gray, green, black. If you like gel eyeliner as I do, this is a bargain! Available at Sephora on store and online.

As I already said, winter is harsh for some of us and a good hand and foot cream is a must. I love L'occitane products in general because everything in here is made with natural products and it is a French brand too :) Available at Sephora on store and online.

If you follow me, you know that I love cream eyeshadow especially creaseless creamshadow because it doesn't smudge and this is perfect for monolid girls. Available at Sephora on store and online.

FYI:  all the links are affiliated links.

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