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Gothic Lolita Doll For Halloween

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hi everyone, I really had a hard time doing all this Halloween makeup/video/pictures thing.
I had almost finished editing the video, the big thing, with sound effects, voice over, etc. when suddenly Imovie crashed. I tried everything to re-open the software, did strange things with my computer, but nothing worked...I again had to redo everything, all the editing. It is so frustrating!! I hope to be able to upload the video before october 31st...the total wast of time!

Here are my pictures from this look. I hope this will inspire some of you for the big day. I had lots of fun doing this look. I made many tests and finally, I came across this one. Well, this is not the most original look especially for an asian girl, but I thought it was funny to play with the cliché of the Asian girl. The most important for me was to keep the Halloween spirit and create a scary, creepy look. I didn't want to do just a cute look like so many  girls who are, for me, a little bit too egocentric...
What I like in this Gothic Lolita Doll look, is its part of mystery, creepiness and of course, the girly aspect!

The look is really focused on the complexion, you want to have a perfect matte light skin with rosy cheeks, with big eyes and  very defined lips.

The pink areas around the eyes are actually the combination of two blushes, a burgundy eyeshadow and a shimmery black eyeshadow. Of course, I used a lot of gel eyeliner with "spyder woman" false lashes and some crossed lashes.
For my lips, I applied a plum lipstick, used a black eyeliner to give a more bloody and dark effect and add some lipgloss on top for the glossy effect.

For the costume, it was much more simple. I took a little black dress from my wardrobe, with sheer sleeves. I sewn a white garter that I cut in the middle to create a collar, bought some black and white stripped stockings, black lace mittens,  black satin ribbon and use my old wig.

Unfinished look.

List of products I used:

Foundation: Lioele BB cream, Triple the solution 
Foundation: Duo black and white creams from Party city
Loose powder: White setting powder

EyeshadowNARS Blush Amour
Eyeshadow: Black Shimmery: Inglot # DS 498
Crossed False lashes: from Pretty and cute, 10 pairs, 42
False Lashes: Ardel Spyder Woman  from Party City

Lipstick: Maybelline Plum Perfect
Eyeliner: Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner, Smoke
Lipgloss: Smashbox: Siren

Sonia Kashuk Foundation brush

OPI Midnight In Moscow

Wig: Yesstyle
Little black dress: Zara (2010)
White petticoat: Party City
Garter, stockings, mittens: Party City
Satin Ribbon: Michaels
Heels: Urban Outfitters (2009)

3 commentaires :

Vivian said...

This is AMAZING! You nailed it right on the's creepy yet beautiful at the same time.

Can't wait for the video!!

Futilities And More said...

@VIVIAN: Thanks, I hope you'll be scared when you'll watch the video!

Vivian said...

I'm watching it right nowww.

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