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Dramatic Purple Night Look - Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi everyone, today, I am doing the total opposite look than my last tutorial (the "No makeup" makeup look). This is a dramatic purple night look using SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Lesson Palette: Green Eyes for eyeshadow.

Obviously I don't have green eyes but who cares! I will never limit myself using the colors I like and I don't like the concept of "paint with numbers". Makeup is a game, you have to try different combinations and see what is the best for you. If you want to change a color, do it. My tutorial is only an exemple of what you can achieve with this kind of colors.

I think purple is very flattering for all eye colors and it's pretty for asian "yellow" skin tone :).
For a night look, don't hesitate to be over the top! Lightings are very low in a club and even in the restaurant, the general mood is cozy, so be dramatic and use false lashes, intense colors, pretty and big pendants!

For lips, I use a burgundy shade with a pink lipgloss (for the glossy finish) on top because deep purple can washed out your face and you don't want to look like a vampire, especially for those who use a nude lipstick.

For monolids, I think it is great to create a gradient effect for the application of the eyeshadow. It creates more volume, depth and definition than contouring the shadow in the outer corner. For this look, I don't want to create a crease (I rarely do that) or stuff like that, so I don't insiste in this area. 

I hope you will like this look! 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Lesson Palette: Green Eyes

This palette is very handy because this is a combination for two complete eye looks. If you are a beginner in makeup, don't be afraid using these intense shades because everything is explained to apply the make-up like a pro!.

I will make a full review on this palette in another post and probably another makeup tutorial with the green eyeshadows.

List of products I used:

Loose powder: Body Shop

False lashes: from Pretty and cute 

Lipgloss: Smashbox: Spark


OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry


3 commentaires :

Unknown said...

Awesome look! You give great tips to monolids like me! Thanks for sharing!

Vivian said...

Gorgeous as usual! Your blending skills are amazing.

Futilities And More said...

Thanks girls! I am very happy to be helpful, this is my goal :), Inc.
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