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Birchbox June 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First of all, sorry for this late update of my June is not a random post but I wanted to post this one to show you my love/ hate relationship with Birchbox and to show you guys how they manage to keep you thanks to this kind of cool box!

The first thing you notice about this box, is the full size make-up product, the Laura Geller blush. Yeah, this is cool to receive this $20 or $30 blush. You already know that your Birchbox is a good value. 

You can also see that we have two other good size products with the Kiehl's Moisturizer and the self tanner.
I don't think big products are always better but they help you to evaluate if the product suit you better if you can try it for a longer period. This is the interesting point.

Of course, there is a perfume...I don't like that too much. I am very sensitive with odors so I don't like to try new perfume all the time, I am very faithful to mine. I love CK One, CK Be, Narciso Rodriguez and some others, but all my scent are soft and don't make you sick in your car, if you know what I mean. I'm a simple girl!
I don't like this Kate Spade scent, sorry.

Nice product for my T zone because it is oil free but the rest, my cheeks are still very dry. I am still looking for the GRALE. It is fragrance free, I like that.

This is a pretty blush, shimmery and intense (only on swatch) . I don't wear shimmery blush in general and try to avoid to be too glowy because of my oily/combination skin but this one is so pretty that I can't resist.

The packaging is cheap for a high-end brand it is a pity, but the inside is much more better! I love how it looks, we can see light champagne color, intense red and coral shades. Very very pretty.

It's unfortunately more intense on my finger than on my cheeks or on swatch. It looks better and creamier like this and less colorful when you apply it with a brush.

It is not so intense when applied.

I tried it on my face and I wasn't able to see any result. No tan effect at all. It was quite surprising because it says "Dark" and I am fair to medium. I was afraid to have an orange face after I tried it but seriously, nothing happened. Very strange!
Need to try it again I think!

These Orange Towelettes were ok, but as usual I would prefer to have make-up products...

Overall: ♡♡♡/5


+ Full size make-up product, which is extremely rare!
+ Nice deluxe samples


- Towelettes...why?
- The Self tanner doesn't work!!

Want to see other Birchbox?

What about your Birchbox? What are your thoughts? I would love to know your impression!

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