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No Make Up, Make Up Tutorial For Asian monolids

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey everyone, today I tried to make a "No Make Up" makeup look. Obviously I used some makeup but I think it looks quite natural :) If you want to watch the video, there is a little surprise, you will hear my voice for the first time! My voice sounds terrible and my accent is worse but I think it will be more helpful sometimes to understand what I mean. Let me know if you find that more interesting! 

The main focus today is to keep a healthy look. So I worked a lot on my skin especially by trying to hide my imperfections, rednesses, pimples and fade my freckles.
I wanted to have a pretty glow but not in a shiny way. I used bronzer to contour my face, BB cream a some pink blush.

For my eyes, I also used the same bronzer but if you want to be the most natural possible, use a simple matte light brown eye shadow to give to your eyes some definition and some depth, which is the most important because monolids are desperately flat.

For lips, we keep that natural too, I only applied a nude lip liner and a gloss on top.

The video tutorial is also available, so if you want to watch it, it is HERE

To open up your eyes you can also line the rime of the eye with a flesh tone eyeliner. I don't recommend to use a white one because it is too visible and completely fake especially if you don't put it correctly the liner. We can see so many girls with white eyeliner on their lower lash line and personally I think it is awful.
If you prefer to have something more natural than this look, use a matte light brown eyeshadow under the lower lash line. It won't shine as my bronzer.
Make sure to go under and not on the lower lash line to fake a bigger eye.

I used a brown eyeshadow to smoothen my eyes and not my black Mac fluidline this time because it helps to define and increase the size of the look but in a natural way. It is much more softer than the harsh black color!

Cheeks are pink and fresh for this look and the rest of the face has a light wear foundation. I used Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm today but you can easily use a tinted moisturizer if you have one. If not, add one pump of moisturizer and one pump of foundation, mix and use it like that. You don't need to buy a new product each time you want to make a new look!

And of course, don't use bold lipstick! 
Define your lips if they have some irregularities like mine. You can cheat and create bigger lips too, but use a nude color. Le gloss on top only helps to hydrate and give you a girly finish.

 The video tutorial  is HERE

Products I used:


Moisturizer: a Lancome sample of Hydra Zen Neurocalm
Foundation: Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 PA++ 1.7 oz (I will make a review about this light wear BB cream soon)
Cream blush: Jouer Cheek Tint in Petal
Loose powder: Body Shop 01


Brown eyeshadow: Too faced Sexpresso
Eyebrows: Light brown matte eyeshadow from Body shop. Don't remember the name.
Mascara: Rimmel Lash Accelerator

Lipliner: Boots #7, nude
Lipgloss: Jouer hydrating lipgloss, Wind

My brushes:

4 commentaires :

Asian Makeup Artist said...

Hello Futilities and More!

I am also an asian makeup artist and I appreciate the valuable information when it comes to helping other asians with similar eye shapes to know how to do their own asian makeup! Most asians like the no-makeup look anyway so this is really helpful! Thank you so much for sharing for fellow girls out there with hooded eyes.

Futilities And More said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I went to your site, it is great! I have lots of progress to do!
Glad you liked my last post :)

tightsandtea said...

so pretty :) I love the subtle shimmer on your eyes!
my monolids are so heavy I have to put like an inch of eyeliner on for it to be visible :X

Futilities And More said...

@tightsandtea: Thank you. My monolid is quite heavy too especially in the morning. It's hard to work it sometimes :S

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