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Neat Makeup Storage

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am so happy, I finally found a nice storage for my make up, I have  already planed to go back to Michael's to purchase another one!
These drawers are elegant, cute and so cheap!! Less than $23, which is crazy! Of course I always have an assistant with me, Ulysse support his mom all the time!

I had a clear idea of what I wanted, but could not find it on internet. I wanted to have a paper drawer box. Something light and classy. I spent so much time on the web and I really found nothing interesting, it was either too expensive, or too small or too big. Desperate (:p) , I went to Michael's this week-end and it was there! A neat and handy cube with four drawers. It is the most simple storage I found. I also saw the same box with three horizontal drawers which can be nice too to put all my makeup.

I like the vintage look of the handles, you can put a label to know what is in each drawers...obvious! I think I will redesign this bare white box because it does not match really well with the rest of my furniture. I will buy an adhesive faux wood and encase the exterior of the box.
I will show you how later when it will be done.

Depth and height of the drawers are impressive, it is also stackable...incredible!

Dimensions of this box:

14.25 inch W x 14.5 D x 14.25 H

or 36,19 cm x 36, 8 x 36,19 

Don't look at the mess, need to clean up and arrange my "working" space soon.

I re-used some Jewelmint boxes to create compartments in my drawers. It fits perfectly in the drawer, so I don't need to purchase other things.

And it is stackable too! 

You can also put some vertical tubes or containers in it, nice for foundation bottles.


♡ Pros:
- Clean, crisp, cute.
- lot of room to keep your make up
- Hight inside, enough place to put foundation...
- Cost less than $23, which is incredible!

- Drawers creaks a lot, you need to add pads under each drawer.

How do you organize your make up? Have you some good ideas to share with me?
I would be interested to know!

2 commentaires :

Vivian said...

Your makeup table is SO neat. I am so embarrassed of mine lol. But neat storage chic.

Futilities And More said...

Hey Vivian how are you! It's been a long time! I'm still loving your site so much :)
See you soon!, Inc.
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