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Birchbox September 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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This is my recent Birchbox. I am still very skeptical about this service, but this september box is better than the former one, so again, I don't know if I really ant to cancel my account or not and wait for the next one...

I will post my june, july and august Birchbox soon to show and explain you guys why I am so mixed about the concept. 

Each month, you receive 4 or 5 samples and some of them, even with the quizz you answer on their site with your preferences, your skin type, the color of your eyes, etc., don't match with your tastes at all. The worst thing about Birchbox is the ridiculous size of some products, it can't help you to find out if you could use a full size product because it is not enough to see any improvement on your skin or hair or whatever with one single use.

One other thing that I hate, it is the lack of make up products. You often have tiny cream samples and can have 10 samples at Ulta with a $25 purchase and each make up brand provides 2 to 3 or 4 deluxe sample it makes you think about the real utility of Birchbox concept. Especially when you read on their products: "Not for sale".

This product is surprising because it is a full product. But unfortunately the pattern doesn't suit my style. It's a little bit too electro/ techno for me. But it's a good point for Birchbox  and a good value for money to put some full size products sometimes.

I love Jouer products, I will make a video soon about some toys I got this month. I'm absolutely in love with their fun concept and products are very nice, but seriously, is it a joke or what? Have you seen the size of the sample? The full size product is $14 for a lip balm! Their is no way for me to pay this for a lip balm that I can easily make by myself! By the way, have you seen my video, "How to make lipbalm or lipgloss at home?"

Ok, it doen't smell bad to my mind, but I really prefer MAKE UP!!!

This facial cream is a deluxe sample, cool! I have to try it out. I just have one concern about the scent which is quite strong. But I think it will be ok. It is a descent size which will be nice to know if this product suits my skin or not.

And the last thing is a bracelet to celebrate their first year...don't care about it. Seriously!!!

If you want to see my other Birchbox:

2 commentaires :

Kar Yi said...

I was quite fascinated by Birchbox at first and I really liked seeing what other people got in their boxes. I've never signed up for it and I don't really want to anymore because it just doesn't seem worth it in the long run. I agree with a lot of the points you made about the small sizes and random products. I also think it's interesting how the two women who started Birchbox went to Harvard Business School (their Birchbox idea won them second place in some contest which gave them money to start it in the first place) and are now rolling knee deep in $$. Not sure why but the hype's making me not want to get it all....

Futilities And More said...

@AngelicBetrayal: Yes I know the Harvard thing and everything. I really think it is a good idea, (beauty youtubers are great salers...) but Birchbox concept has to improve their service. There's no way to pay $10 for random and cheap stuffs. I'm sure it cost nothing for them to get samples from cosmetic's probably just about commissions when people purchase the full size products and they have samples for free! I wish it had more make up like the Glossy box in England. This concept is more expensive but you have full size products sometimes, great make up products and brands.
I want to wait to have more "points" on my birchbox account so that I can get something for less...seriously everything is so expensive!

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