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My thoughts about Sigma Brushes

Friday, August 26, 2011

I was looking for some new brushes to apply my foundation, especially a kabuki brush for my foundation, a new angle brush to replace my chitty one and an electrical cleansing brush for my blackheads and my prominent glam! 

I was quite skeptical about Sigma brushes because all the Youtube's beauty gurus are constantly talking (too much) about this brand, and to be honest, lots of them are not honest all the time, especially when they are affiliates...I have often been disappointed by the misleading advertising that some girls do. Too many advertises kills the advertise and the brand. 

I'm not going to lie or to be hypocrite, I do have advertises and some affiliate links on my blog but I don't  do false reviews about some random brands or products I don't like. I hate to be fooled, so I'm not doing that myself, that's why I tell you the truth about my relationship with this brand.

After I tried my Sigma brushes, I applied to become a Sigma affiliate because I'm loving it...let's jump to the rest of the post, I'm going to explain why I'm in love!
Thanks to my banner or my links, you'll have a free gift with $30 purchase, so don't forget it!

I finally found 6 brushes and 1 cleansing polish tool. I bought products I wanted for a long time. So good point, they have a large range of products. I'll make a new post my the cleansing tool very soon.

My haul came with a nice eyeshadow set. Once again, I was very surprise by it's quality. Very intense shades and nicely pigmented, Everything I like!

This is everything I had with my purchase.

From left to right:

The F25 tapered face brush is one of my favorite brush because this is a Go-To brush. I love to use it for my powder foundation and blush. Thanks to the small angle it's a precise tool, you can use it arround the nose area quite easily, you can also use it for contouring your face and because it's a big brush, you can apply your loose powder very quickly to set your makeup.

Only one regret, I thought it will be bigger.

The round kabuki brush F82 is my favorite brush of the set I ordered. It's the softest brush I have ever tried. I would never guess it's synthetic hair. It really even the foundation. It's precise and works well around the nose area. I love love love this brush, moreover this brush is too cute!

The E25 blending brush is also a good brush. It does a good job especially to soften harsh lines. The quality of the hair is similar to Mac 217 brush. It's just a little bit smaller.

What I like is the texture of the hair. It looks natural but I'm not sure. I like to use it to apply my cream eyeshadows.

The E65 small angle brush is awesome to draw a big and sexy cat eye. I already made a video using it. It's perfect for beginners because it's a dense, precise brush to create a clean line.

I use it with my Mac Fluidline, but I also use it with pressed powder eyeshadow for my eyebrows and eyeliner. It creates a softer eyeliner line, I will show you guys how to use it. I want to make a new videos of different technics I use to apply eyeliner.

I already have 2 small angle brush and this one is my fave. Because has I explained it's dense, so you can create something more precise even if you are trembling :)

The E05 eyeliner brush is not for beginners. I like it a lot because hair is hard and this is a very precise tool but if you don't master your eyeliner technique it can become horrible!

The L05 Lip liner is pretty, I thought it was a small brush but you can assemble the metallic part to the cap...I'm dummy sometimes...

As the other brushes, the quality is so nice, precise and efficient. Nothing more to say about it.




+ Quality!!!

+ Half the price of Mac brushes

+ Large range of brush sizes and accessories

+ Fast delivery, 3 days


- Nothing to declare with my first purchase

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