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Taupe Nail Polish - Essence Color & Go - Walk Of Fame

Monday, April 25, 2011

 Essence Color & Go - 34 Walk Of Fame

The other day, I went to Ulta, a store I've never been in my life, it doen't exist in France, that's why...
So, this brand is like Sephora, we can find some high-end products ( Smashbox, Urban Decay, Philisophy) but also some drugstore makeup (Rimmel, Cover Girl, L'oreal). It doen't look as nice and elegant than Sephora, but it's a good alternative to buy on store or online all the cosmetics you need in the same place! Moreover, I found some value kit which were very interesting too :)

So I finally found the color I wanted to my nail polish for a long long time, a very pretty taupe color for less than $1...incredible!
Ok, the size is not as big than a Elf nail polish but contrary to their super bad quality ( it chips in 2h...horrible...), those nail polishes from Essence stay put for several days. Today is my third day with it and it's still there without any chip...nice right?

Of course the bottle is small, 0.16fl.oz or 5l, but frankly, I never use the entire product anyway...and with such a nice quality and price, you can buy a back up polish quite easily. It was such a nice surprise!


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