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Pugs Are Awesome! Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow Pug - Review

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Clic here to see Ulysse

When I saw this cream eyeshadow at Sephora this week, I immediately fell in love, love at first sight! Not because of the  taupe/anthracite color, which I love nor because of the creamy texture no, I fell in love with the name of the product: PUG!!!

This is my adorable Ulysse, my little baby!

Clic HERE to watch a tutorial where I used the product

Frankly, I love the shimmery color and the super creamy texture . I blends very well on the eyelid and the other thing that I really really like, is that is waterproof. It doen't smudge and for a eyeshadow base that you apply all over the lids, it's perfect. Not too light, not too dark.
It's one of my favorite product since a long long time. I will probably use this cream eyeshadow in my everyday makeup :)
I tried a lot of cream eyeshadow when I was in Sephora and this Buxom was the best of them.

I already used this eyeshadow in addition to my black eye liner, the result is very pretty. It's also a perfect base for other powder eyeshadows. The cream eyeshadow help the powder to stick better on the lid.




+ the Color
+  Price: $17, less expensive than the other brands ($22 or $25)
+ Pug
+ creamy, easy to blend


- Nothing to declare yet :)

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