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Monolid Love, My Monolid Story

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi guys,

I'm proud to be featured by the super site: Monolid Love. This is my monolid story!
Please check out this site, it's such a treasure for us monolid girls and the two creators, Vivian and Amelia  are absolutely gorgeous and passionated by our singularity.

Thank you girls! 

My Story:

We are ecstatic to have our first guest post on Monolid Love, and this comes in the form of our monthly My Monolid Story, written by the gorgeous Flo.
This South Korean babe grew up in France and currently resides in the United States. She shares with us her experiences and struggles growing up in a country where people don't quite look like her.
When I was young, I wanted to look like the girls in magazines - to have big, blue eyes and most of all have eyelid creases. It is difficult to find a role model to follow when you are Asian, uprooted from your home country and living in a place where people are not like you.
In French magazines, there is only one type of look, the Caucasian. Ethnicities are not developed, it is very difficult to find even Arab or African beauties even though France is full of these beautiful people.
When I was young, I couldn’t identify myself with anyone and I was quite insecure with my monolids and my difference. During my teenage years, as an adopted girl with a mother who has never used makeup, makeup was complicated.
I had to learn everything by myself. At that time, there was no Internet or not much information available to me. So I had to try several different types of makeup to finally find what suited me best.
My first purchase was a mascara because I dreamed of lengthening and curling my straight and short lashes. Indeed, another issue of being Asian - straight eyelashes.
My pleasure at that time was to be the makeup artist for my friends before we go clubbing!
I guess I found my signature look in the end, and I think that the best way to enhance monolids is to give them some definition. That is to say to give volume in some areas and depth to the other because our eyelids are quite heavy and flat.
Eye shadows in natural tones such as taupe, brown and beige are great, as well as tones like bronze or gold. These colors immediately give a touch of elegance and a nice finish.
I also put considerable importance on the eyeliner. Monolids tend to cover the lashes, so what I do is simple - I draw a thick line around to enlarge the eye and to give it a beautiful shape. The cat's eye effect!
Otherwise, obviously we are trying to create a smooth eyebrows line, making a little up to the outer corner, again, this is to break the mass and the flatness of the eyelid. For mascara, remember to curl your lashes before applying as it really opens up the eyes.
Today, I’m still a little bit frustrated because the typical eyes (creased lids) are so much easier to make up and offer much more opportunities for creativity than monolids. But I like my monolids, they are a part of my identity, so I try to accept and to enhance them too.
I hope my Youtube channel and my blog can help many girls like me who never could quite find anything in the magazines. It is still difficult to find real monolids on magazines or even on the internet. It’s a pity because diversity is much more interesting, uniformity is so boring !
A big thanks to Monolid Love to letting me speak about my experience.

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