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Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre - Review

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do you need a small potion to spice up your look for a party night? I got it! This is it, the Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre does his job, and well!

I think this is the most shimmery/glittery product I have in my makeup collection. It's incredibly efficient and just a tiny drop is necessary to product its effect. So be careful, don't apply too much of it on your eyes because this liquid lustre is very very strong.

As you can see, shimmers are on the bottom of the bottle. You have to shake it before to use it of course!

I'll soon make a video on my channel to show you how shimmery this potion is and of course, I'll make a video makeup tutorial, because it's not so easy to use that. I'll create a party look with it, I already have some ideas about how I can apply it in different ways. On the lids, cheek bone or lips...we'll see what is the best way to wear it.

This cute little potion has a great packaging. it's going right through the goal, it shines and it shows, you can not go wrong. I think it's something very important in cosmetic to think about the look of the product. Sometimes we can see very cheap things on stores...I won't say what brand...I can't buy something I don't find attractive...especially when you buy high-end products. Makeup is so expensive!
So, I guess that Lorac graphic designers did a great job :)

As I said, I just applied a tiny tiny drop of the liquid lustre. I was able to spread the product over the whole hand. So imagine the effect on your eyes! I think if the product is not used in the right way, this can really make big damage on your look. I hope mine will be good...don't hesitate to let me a comment when I'll try it. Have you ever try this? 

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