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Be or not Yu Be?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well today! I 've just tried my Yu-Be products and I have to say that is quite surprising.

I always wanted to try this cosmetic brand because I love the bright and so japanese ( I love japanese graphic design and most of all, japanese packagings, I have a great book collection about it) It's colorful, cute and it's japanese.

So luckily and thanks to Yu-Be PR, I received a mini kit to try and here is my review.

Yu-Be is a very old Japanese brand, 50 years and the #1 selling medicated vitamin-enriched skin care cream in Japan. They are specialized in dry and sensitive skin ( so perfect for me).
Products are formulated with camphor, this is the scent which caracterize Yu-be. I have to say that the smell of camphor is very very strong. Which is not what I prefer it disappear in 10 to 15 mins, it's good to know...
So, camphor helps relieve discomfort for burnings, rashes, irritations, cracked heels, etc. It's not very glamorous but it works!

 The moisturizing skin cream is the strongest one in term of odor. Frankly, I can't use it a lot because the smell is too strong for me. I just apply 2 drops on my feet just before going to bed because this is the farthest part of my body from the nose :). The cream is effective, my feet are softer but it's like going to the doctor. Camphor is not for everyone.

I really prefer the lip balm. I use it everyday, the scent is quite different, much like eucalyptus than camphor, so it's fresh and so much better to apply!

Those samples are very nice for a try, because you never know how effective is a product without having tried it and purchased the entire product which sometime doen't suit you...

The moisturizing lotion is very effective but hard to apply such the cream is thick but it is not so bad because thanks to its thickness, you get a skin massage which is very pleasant before going to bed!

The foaming skin polish is my favorite product from the kit, this is a gentle face and body scrub. The exfoliator is formulated with fine grains of rice bran combine with bamboo and gentle cleansing agents. We can also find geranium and camphor, etc. but this time, the smell is light.

I think this exfoliator is magic, the best I've ever tried in my life. In just one single try, my skin was incredibly soft and with no dry sensation after the application. Waouh! I have to buy the entire product  because I never had such a soft skin with an exfoliator even with my high end Chanel  or Lancome. I really recommend this super cleanser! It's probably my favorite product of this month :)

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