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Good tips for teenage girls and even for big ones. 8 rules to keep in mind.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clean your face twice a day and remove your makeup 
Never forget to remove your makeup daily and to remove the excess of makeup, oily sebum or pollution with a gentle soap and exfoliate once a week.
Because if not, your skin won't like it, you will have sometimes acne, visible pores, black heads and eye pockets...yes it's terrible!

Moisturize your skin daily
I have done it since I was 12 and people think I'm younger than my age (I'm 31). My skin is soft and firm. Massaging your skin everyday is good for blood circulation, your skin is firmer and more, it protects you from dryness besides makeup is much better with an hydrated skin. It stays well. I use my moisturizer after I washed my face morning/night. The plus is to use a product with a SPF to prevent from skin aging.

Do not abuse of makeup. It is not being drawn, this is not painting. You must be discreet. Your natural beauty should be enhanced, makeup is not used to transform you but to sublimate your natural features!
So the eyeshadows in all colors, you put that aside for the carnival or Halloween. Don’t abuse of colored eye shadow, use just a slight amount, or natural tones.
The same goes for the blush, you do not want to look like a prostitute! It's  just here to have a fresh look.
For your lips,  lip gloss is perfect, colors are less heavy than a lipstick and you have a large range of color , it’s easier to use red ou purple because because you can blend it out.. For lipstick, you should buff it. Not using a trowel again. And the too bright colors, you reserve them for the evening's festivities but not to go to school.
Don’t use too much black eyeliner in your water line
You just looks like a panda, it’s not elegant, your look dirty and slutty.
Use brown eyeliner in your water line, it’s more discret and lighter.

Do not apply too much foundation

People around you should not notice you applyed foundation. That's the trick!
You always start with the center of the face and then you blend out not to see demarcations on the jaw line. Or you can also apply a little bit of foundation on the neck.
I have seen so many pretty girls disfigured by this. It's really not pretty to see an orange line on the jaw line or cracks due to  the thickness of the foundation.
If you need to hide your acne, just apply by padding the foundation onto the button and then you apply a little bit of transparent loose powder, just to mattify and set the foundation.

Take care of  your hair 
again when you're young you love to play with it, there are so many bright colors like staining red, purple, but frankly, it not the best to do. It damages the hair and also it’s so much maintenance ! Prefer the tonal colors with light reflections. It fade away after 10 shampoos and it is much more elegant. Even for black hair like mine, you can see the reflections on your hair. With the sun, shiny hair with blue highlights or auburn, it’s so beautiful. Nice for black hair. In addition to that, all the world envies our beautiful black hair, then you can play with it! If you prefer to dye your hair, don’t forget to protect them with a good hair conditionner !      
You have to take care of your eyebrows, the look is important, you should never do too much epilation, too thin lines get you older and it is not elegant. In addition if you remove hair too much, they will not grow again.  And I really don't understand tattooed eyebrows neither.

And it's the same problem with mono-eyebrows, don't hesitate to remove the excess of hair. And you are a girl, so moustache is prohibited too. I don't recommend to dye for facial hair, just wax it. Why do you want to keep yellow/blond hair that everyone can see?

Take care of your nails, dirty nails or corroded nails is ugly. You can spice up your look with a beautiful manicure. The bright colors that you do not use on the face can finally express themselves on the nails! Yellow, blue, green, red, as long as they are short, it's fresh and dynamic.

Of course, those advices are just my opinion, I'm not saying that you have to do that or you have to think the same :)
It's only my experience and general rules of beauty! You have to experiment and do your own mistake, this is he best way to improve yourself. I did so many ugly thing when I was young, like fluo pink hair or yellow locks, nobody is perfect and I even less.

Good luck!

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Amy said...

I agree with this list wholeheartedly! Sometimes, too much makeup can be a problem and inappropriate for some events too. Eyebrows are important long as you don't over pluck!

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