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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hault from


Wonder Eyelid Tape

Technical Eye Tape

 Heart 41 & Heart Criss Cross 001 eyelashes

 Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule (Whitening), it's the first time I try this kind of product to blur my freckles!

Technical Eyetape

Eyelid tape is not something that I wear everyday because it takes too much time to install it correctly. I always use more than 2 pieces because I have to retape it several times to have a good result. If it's to close to your inner corner or the external eye, you look strange. 

Technical Eyetape

As you can see in this photo, see can easily see the tape, especially in the inner corner. I tape it to close and too low. The right thing to do is to tape it in the middle of your eye and 1mm above the lashes. The eyetape is great for monolid eyes like me, it is very useful with very dramatic false eyelashes because the  eyelid doen't fall directly on the lash. 

Technical Eyetape

Look at the right eye, I look tired...

 Technical Eyetape with the  taiwanese false eyelashes Heart 41

 Smokey eye, pretty dramatic makeup look! Those false eyelashes are great to go to party but not for everyday life. They are not really natural, but I like them.

We can see the eyetape because the eyeliner doesn't take well on it.

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Anna said...

The pictures are great! Love your make-up.

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